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    2:02 PM - 23 October, 2016

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    3:58 PM - 23 October, 2016

    I got ate up the other day by mosquitoes. I will be glad when it cools off and they die. I prayed for your weather to be cool and I know God heard. 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend too. My grands were here today, boy do they make me laugh. It is good to laugh isn't it. Bye for now

    1:06 AM - 24 October, 2016

    Your little home is so cute! You have a great eye – it's vintage without looking like it's "The Brady Bunch" set, you know? (Although no hatin' here on anyone who wants a full-on Brady Bunch reproduction ;D)

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    virtuelle kreditkarte visa
    6:07 AM - 24 October, 2016

    Cheers Liz, however, if we all wobbled together often wobbly women would be the norm! And you’re right, laughing is VERY good for us! Keep up the good work!

    10:23 AM - 24 October, 2016

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    Almost useless. At most, it would just move around the non-sticky dust, possibly introducing even more from the front of this contraption since it would be sucking in non-filtered air. And it would do nothing against wet or sticky dust that adheres to the LPF, those would still require a contact cleaning. Nice try though.

    10:54 AM - 25 October, 2016

    You head – must be “your” head …Too tired to think….Man…Clot..That story about the busted radiators was one for some sort of real estate record book…

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    She's getting like 25-50 votes per second. This is just some rudimentary scripted bot, with an algorithm that increases/decreases votes based on the 2nd place contender while factoring in how much time is left in the contest. I just want to get her banned from Youtube, what a joke. Good thing the SC2 community is massive eh? ;P

    7:49 PM - 26 October, 2016

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    11:30 AM - 27 October, 2016

    Karl, sorry if this has been asked before, but when are you supposed to get the Prairiewood back? When I first saw this post, I though it might be the UPS man finally returning your favorite axe.

    2:32 PM - 27 October, 2016

    Hi, amazing photos. You’re right, Rome is full of art, everywhere you look. I’m in awe of your adventurous spirit. All my adventures are fictional, I’m afraid. I sit at home and write…. Do you read crime fiction?

    6:43 PM - 27 October, 2016

    Ciao Leone28 vedo che non hai il senso dell’umorismo… peccatocomunque se sostieni che i complottisti siano tutti comunisti che mangiano i bambini allora ci hai proprio azzeccato!!Aspetta che vado a farmi uno spuntino!! gnam gnamDai su….Cinzio

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    Thanks Shelley. For me this series has been a real epiphany. It’s solidified and advanced my understanding of value and it’s been liberating to finally integrate my love of drawing both figures and building into my painting. So I’m also looking forward to seeing more. Rex

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    Aymeric = Big Brother :)Etant fidèle client de chez Orange, je ne peux dire du mal d’SFR. (Mais si Orange veut me payer pour cela pourquoi pas)Je plaisante bien entendu…

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    This makes me tear up. I simply can't imagine what moms who have lost a baby or child must go through. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all of you that have had to endure a loss!

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    11:07 AM - 2 November, 2016

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    I enjoyed your answers to TNBT blog hop questions – most especially when you wrote how long it took you to come up with a 1st draft. I often set things aside for a while, too, so your answer rang true for me. BTW I was tagged by Jennifer Allis Provost who was tagged by Lisa Amowitz whose blog led me to you!

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    Oh cool! You really had a great trip and it was so fun to read your posts. You're right on, NYC is such a great place and I love every bit of it too. And I had a chuckle upon seeing the words Woodbury Outlet – you go girl! 🙂 Oh suddenly I'm homesick, missing the States terribly, but I'm in London now so gotta make the most of the new life here 🙂

    3:47 AM - 15 November, 2016

    I just kept thinking about Men In Black… he’s a ballchinein… That looked so painful! A nice woman like myself would have had a nice warm compress, a shot of scotch (or 4 and 1 for me) and a very clean sterile scalpel. I’d have him breathing a sigh of relief in a blink!

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